Translations and Interpretations


Common and with specialized terminology translations:

  • Scientific articles
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Slogans
  • Product specifications and descriptions
  • Manuals
  • Websites
  • Literary works

In written translations I use the CAT tools (computer-aided translation), allowing to maintain consistency of terminology within the document / group of documents / texts from the same client, so you receive consistent and professional translations.


  • Conference Interpretation,
  • Consecutive and liaison interpretation: it is when, interpreting starts after the speaker finishes his speech. In consecutive interpreting the speaker speaks for a long time, while in the second case (liaison) the speaker allows the interpreter to interpret sentence by sentence.
  • Whisper interpretation: the most frequently performed for a small audience, interpretation occurs in parallel with the presentation of the speaker.
  • Accompanying interpretation: used during visits of foreign guests during business travel to another country, meetings or during various types of conversations.

All translations are in our range and can be realized after determining the conditions of cooperation.

Standard steps to use our services:

Send your document for the translation together with your phone number to the address:

The Office replies and gives the quote for the document to be translated and the date of its translation.

Your consent for translation, given via telephone or email.

Sending the pro-forma invoice.

Sending translated text to the given e-mail.


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