Who I am

Agnieszka Kwiatkowska-Stenzel

Owner of SmartWay


(...have I learned English and the zootechnical, veterinary, agriculture industry)

My first contact with English language was during a trip to New York with my parents. I went to school there for a year which allowed me to quickly master English on a communicative level. In secondary school I chose a class with a general profile with expanded English, which I completed with a secondary school certificate, inter alia from English. However, the studies I chose did not have much in common with English or any other foreign language. It was zootechnics study. For the first three years I participated in English language courses and at the same time I prepared myself for the CAE exam (Cambridge English: Advanced). After receiving my BSc. with a specialization in Horse Breeding and Riding, I continued studying in the same field of study. Meanwhile I had received the CAE certificate which  whetted my appetite for more English exploration. During the last year of my MSc zootechnics studies, I decied to begin my BA study of English philology with a specialization in translations. After receiving the MSc degree with a specialization of Production of mixture forage and nutrition consultancy  I began working as an English teacher for adults. After completing my BA in English philology I started to miss  zootechnics again so I began PhD studies at the department of Animal and Environmental Hygiene.  During my PhD studies I also taught adults English (most often business English, but also medical English). I could finally begin my career as a translator. During my PhD studies, until my dissertation, I  translated many scientific articles (which are listed below) with zootechnical, veterinarian and also agricultural terminology, both mine and my colleagues, applications for research grants, admission to work, abstracts of articles, conference presentations etc.. During Polish-American workshops  organized at my University I was a consecutive interpreter of the dean's speech. I participated in many scientific conferences in Poland and abroad (inter alia in China), where I presented the scientific findings in English. At the same time I cooperated with the Avimedica company, where I have translated all marketing materials and labels of products into English.


(...have I decided to engage in specialist  translations

There were couple of reasons. Being a PhD student I had encountered the problem of proper translation of scientific articles with zootechnical, agricultural and veterinarian terminology. Professional translation offices offer medical, technical, certified translations, but from my observation I can say that there is a lack of specialists with the knowledge of zoo-agri-vet. terminology.

I have repeatedly corrected nuances in already translated articles, which changed the meaning of the articles.

I also know that animal feed companies have problems with finding a proper translator with the knowledge of industry language. The employees of such companies even if they know the language, are not able, with their duties, to take the role of translators. That is why I have decided to meet the needs of companies with zootechnical, veterinarian and agricultural profile, facilitating and accelerating their work.

Besides, Polish is a difficult language to learn, and I can imagine that there are English speaking people who wish to translate or understand what Poles say. That is why I can also help English speaking people to translate into Polish all informal materials, letters, conversations etc.


(...do you receive from me besides my skills, knowledge and experience?)

  • Honesty -   my priority is always a win-win situation. It is important for me that you, the customer, are satisfied with the cooperation.
  • Respect - for the people I work with and for your time. It may not sound great, but my time is extremely important to me, so I respect the time of others.
  • Punctuality – I am sick when I have to be late, but if it happens I always call.
  • Discretion - deciding to cooperate with me, I assure you that what is happening in the company /during the training / training on-line just remains there.
  • Creativity - One of my features is unconventional thinking, I am usually able to find an average of 5 solutions to a problem.
  • Integrity and commitment - all assigned tasks are completed to the best my ability and  with all my energy in it.
  • A positive attitude and a sense of humor

And after hours...

Most often I spend time with my young daughter. I also try as much as possible to travel. In the past year I have visited Malta, England and Italy. I also run a travel blog, though it is in Polish. Maybe some day I will translate it... Besides that, I enjoy horseback riding, skiing, and when  nothing else is left I run, recently pushing a stroller with my daughter in it. In the evenings, I usually read books.


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